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  • Intro to Facebook Marketing
    Learn How I Get $0.01 Likes and Clicks that Lead to Sales with this Course!4:36
    The Basics of Facebook Ads2:42
    What is a Sales Funnel?1:26
    A Few Quick Tips...
  • Create an Optimized Facebook Page
    Create and Optimize a Facebook Page19:02
    Top 5 SEO Tips for your Facebook Page4:39
    How to Change Your Facebook Page Category1:36
    Keywords 10119:44
    How to Use Keywords in your Facebook Page Description1:54
    Optimize your Facebook Images
    What Makes your Facebook Page Awesome8:10
    Facebook Apps 101
  • Facebook Ads Mastery
    Marketing 1010:56
    How to Find Audiences Similar to your Target Audience on Facebook
    List of Cheapest Countries for Facebook Ad Clicks
    Do you Want $0.01 Facebook Page Likes/Clicks?2:59
    Step 1 Facebook Ads - Campaign Marketing Objectives5:56
    4 elements of the Perfect Facebook ad1:15
    Step 2 & 3 - Facebook Ads - AD SET and AD17:44
    Facebook Ads Bidding Budgets Schedules15:04
    Split testing 10110:28
    Split Testing in Facebook Conversion Ads5:41
    Split Test Images with Carousel Ads2:19
    Cheap Facebook Page Likes HACK2:59
    STEAL competitors -- BRAND awareness vs REACH9:45
    Facebook Hack - Find Similar Audiences to Target in Facebook Ads3:16
  • Facebook Pixel
    What is the Facebook Pixel and How to Install the Facebook Pixel11:58
    Facebook Pixels - What do you want to track?7:47
    Create a Facebook Audience9:50
    The BEST Lookalike Audience HACK5:19
    Standard Events or Custom Conversions7:22
    Create Custom Conversions2:54
    WATCH ME - Create post engagement ads with SPLIT test15:50
    List of Cheapest Countries for Facebook Ad Clicks
  • Facebook Ads - IN DEPTH ANALYSIS
    Lead Generation Ads8:53
    Facebook Retargeting/Remarketing7:32
    Dynamic ads6:24
    Dynamic Ads - Product CSV Feed TEMPLATE
    Instagram Ads on Facebook6:47
    Facebook messenger ads4:02
    Facebook offers and Facebook offer ads11:29
    How to use Facebook LIVE5:07
  • Facebook Reporting
    What is a Relevance Score and How to Increase It7:06
    UPDATE Facebook Ads Manager 2016 - Reporting Integrated4:00
  • Social Media Marketing
    Why is Social Media Marketing Important?4:56
    What Content Should I Share4:27
    How to get Backlinks and Improve SEO - Search Engine Optimization4:13
    Social Media Management Tools - Cut your Posting Time in Half!2:25
  • Facebook for Local Business - Brick & Mortar
    Learn the Power of Facebook Insights3:34
    Local Awareness Ads6:13
  • Facebook Engagement
    Facebook Engagement10:02
    WATCH ME - Create page like ads7:19
    Posting Calendar - Planning is Your Key to Success
  • Facebook Insights
    Learn the Power of Facebook Insights3:34
    Audience Optimization4:04
  • Look Over My Shoulder!
    What is Facebook Power Editor and How to Benefit From It10:06
    Watch me create - INSTAGRAM ADS1:42
    Watch me create - BOOST YOUR POSTS6:45
    Watch me create - PROMOTE YOUR PAGE - Page Likes10:06
    Watch me create - SEND PEOPLE TO YOUR WEBSITE10:36
    Watch me create - REACH PEOPLE NEAR YOUR BUSINESS9:08
    Watch me create - GET PEOPLE TO CLAIM YOUR OFFER2:39
    Watch me create - GET VIDEO VIEWS4:27
    Watch me create - LEAD GENERATION8:40
    Student Question: Help with "Snookf Fishing"6:12
    How to install Facebook pixel on WordPress3:59
  • Start a Facebook Ads Marketing Business
    How to Get Marketing Clients7:05
    Facebook Business Manager2:59
    Pages - Business manager7:14
    Ad account - Business manager7:31
    WATCH ME: Add an employee to my Facebook Business Manager
  • Common FAQ - 2018
    Offline Events9:08
    OFFLINE EVENTS or CUSTOM AUDIENCE example audience file
    App Install Ads 1-20-20186:43
    Best practices for SPLIT TESTING Facebook Ads in Power Editor 1-20-201814:40
    BOOST YOUR POSTS 1-20-20186:51
    Ad Bidding 101 1-20-201810:02
    Best practices Facebook Local business ads 1-20-20185:10
    Conversion Ads - Best Practices 1-20-20185:53
    Custom Audiences - Best Practices 1-20-201819:26
    Dynamic Creative 1-20-20185:59
    Delivery Insights 1-20-20187:35
    Create Ads for my Event 1-20-201815:16
    Dynamic Language Optimization 1-20-20184:26
    EVENTS MANAGER 1-20-20185:31
    OFFLINE EVENTS example audience file
    Facebook Canvas 1-20-201810:38
    Facebook Analytics vs Ads Manager Reporting 1-20-201811:37
    Facebook Groups 1-20-20185:42
    Facebook VIDEO ADS 101 1-20-20188:20
    Facebook Messenger ads 1-20-201815:37
    Funnel 1-20-20182:00
    LEAD GENERATION 1-20-20185:25
    How to Find Pages to Target 1-20-201814:10
    How to Create Facebook Offers 1-20-20188:21
    Landing Page Views Optimization 1-20-20182:31
    Share a Facebook Advertising Audience or Pixel 1-20-20183:00
    Page Likes 1-20-20184:10
    WHEN to use WHICH ad 1-20-201811:15
    add locations in bulk to an ad 1-20-20181:30
    Value-Based Lookalike Audience 1-20-20185:26
    create Custom Conversions and best practices 1-20-20186:51
    video to your Facebook page cover image 1-20-20181:52
    target a specific OS 1-20-20184:09
    product catalog sales 1-20-201812:49
    remedy a flagged 1-20-20185:21
    instagram ads 1-20-20187:19

How to Use Facebook Marketing to Accelerate Your Business

Justin O'Brien


Justin O’Brien began his path into Entrepreneurship and Marketing as an engineering major. During his spare time in college, he taught himself website coding and SEO (search engine optimization). He would research niche keywords, develop affiliate marketing websites around them, market and then flip them for a profit; this process helped eliminate all his college loans before graduating! Over a decade later, Justin has built, consulted and helped market 500+ businesses! After finishing in the top 8 for the Entrepreneur Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year, Justin launched Coursenvy.com with several engineering and marketing partners to build in-depth courses and share their knowledge with the world!


Say hello to the top-rated Facebook Ads course on the web! In this A-Z course, you'll learn tried and true methods of Facebook marketing that will help you push your business into the black or put you in position to start a lucrative consulting or marketing career. Take a step in the right direction with one of the most important advertising mediums today with this comprehensive social media marketing course.

  • Access 106 lectures & 11 hours of content 24/7
  • Optimize your Facebook ads for increased conversions & decreased costs
  • Create & make use of every type of Facebook ad
  • Grow your Facebook page likes & post engagement
  • Find new customers via social marketing


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  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: beginner


  • Internet required


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